1st World Innovation in a 2nd World State

Posted by: scherrey 2 years, 3 months ago


When you find yourself awake at O-dark thirty in the morning working on the mystical incantations required to get varnish, the veritable duct-tape that caches the internet and makes your app seem performant, to do yet another unbelievably cool thing no one ever anticipated it should do - the sight of the sun coming up behind the curtains reminds you that you haven't eaten in a while. Having been traveling the last few weeks and too busy to catch up on grocery shopping I don't even have eggs to poach (sous-vide of course). Getting dressed and riding the motorcycle out to breakfast will surely break my rhythm and destroy my productivity.

Fortunately for me (in this situation) I happen to reside in Bangkok where I can take advantage of some benefits of cheap labor and the low fixed cost of living. No - not programmers - you pay for talent no matter where you go. But home delivery is dirt cheap and quick! So it's dial 1711 and get McDonald's delivery on the line at 6:30a. Two bacon egg and cheese McMuffins to your door in 25 minutes runs you THB 150 (USD $4.88) including generous tip and doesn't interrupt your stride.

Now if only there was some specialty low-carb food delivery I'd be set. Yum. Back to coding...


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