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Seems a lot of the data reported about this virus is an ongoing joke. There's a disturbing trend to over-report deaths as caused by the Wuhan-virus. Even New York City is doing it as you can see here: Tweet on NYC Death Pump

This is incredibly frustrating for people doing analysis and makes it impossible to form rational policies for managing the response to this pandemic. Again - a massive failure by the CDC for failing to establish protocols for how such things are reported. We've been working under the assumption that at least one of our parameters, deaths, was quite accurate so we could use this "fact" to determine the reliability of other parameters. But this confidence is now being eroded. Now would be a good time to publicly fire the heads of the CDC and FDA and shake up these organizations fundamentally.

Meanwhile, the data we have continues to trend the direction we've been looking for. Our new total for incidents is 210,770 (+26,000), down to an increase of only 14.07% over the previous day (another new low record - fifth in a row!). Deaths have totaled 4,700 (+954) which is an increase of 25.47% (-1.99% rate of growth) over the previous day.

Additional frustrations is Washington state is delaying a lot of data reporting in addition to California's poor testing volume. Bad news is that Illinois numbers are starting to go up. Look to Chicago and New Orleans to be the next biggest hotspots based on what others are reporting. I don't yet have their numbers separated out to make any projections but hope to this weekend. I dunno - you'd think if the government's going to quarantine everyone and destroy their livelihoods that they could be open and transparent in their data reporting and get this one thing right. It's enough to start making one believe in conspiracy theories. If this isn't fixed soon and we don't get widespread testing going with reliable data reporting, the current circumstances are not sustainable.

Conclusion - data is going the right direction for America - but our leadership and media are being grossly irresponsible for the sacrifices they are calling upon the average citizen to make. Only the private sector can save us now.

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