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The Breakfast of Geeks

Posted by: scherrey in hackerspaceSG 7 years, 5 months ago

When geeks get hungry simply cooking an egg will never do. We have to apply technology and learn what is the best temperature for denaturation of proteins. Naturally a regular fried egg will never do. Poached eggs are much cooler and require a bit of manual dexterity and timing. Traditionally trained chefs learn this through lots of practice and heuristics. Heuristics will, of course, never do. Far too imprecise. We've got to get precise temperature control and use modern materials and technology to make the process more easily reproducable. So here goes:

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1st World Innovation in a 2nd World State

Posted by: scherrey in hackerspaceSG 7 years, 5 months ago

When you find yourself awake at O-dark thirty in the morning working on the mystical incantations required to get varnish, the veritable duct-tape that caches the internet and makes your app seem performant, to do yet another unbelievably cool thing no one ever anticipated it should do - the sight of the sun coming up behind the curtains reminds you that you haven't eaten in a while. Having been traveling the last few weeks and too busy to catch up on grocery shopping I don't even have eggs to poach (sous-vide of course). Getting dressed and riding the motorcycle out to breakfast will surely break my rhythm and destroy my productivity.

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On Being Worthy or Otherwise

Posted by: scherrey 7 years, 6 months ago

Every semi-self aware human lives with an ongoing aprehension that the projection one gives about one's self to others is not entirely truthful and a forboding fear of being called out and discovered as a fraud. This gives rise to those little white lies that build up over time which, all too often, result in a sociopath who starts believing the self-decption or a self-loathing individual when the exaggerated expectations of one's self seem impossible to live up to. People lie to themselves first before they lie to others. It makes us all alone in our individual bodies and builds a dangerous barrier to true relationships. At its worse it is a vicious cycle where the sociopaths become dangerous to everyone they run across whlie the self loathers are even more dangerous to those who are so unfortunate as to love them.

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APIs Conference in San Francisco

Posted by: scherrey 7 years, 6 months ago

Will be here tomorrow. Thanx to Scott Rafer for the pointer.

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