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So far, the numbers are behaving exactly as we projected if America's rate of growth for incidents peaked on March 19th. That's great news. A few more days of this and it'll definitely be a trend and we can start projecting end dates and size of impact. There were 51,970 total cases which is only a 23.26% increase - lowest since Mar 12. Death rates bumped up, as we expected, to 675 total which is a 43.31% increase and pushes out our target to get under 1% to March 27th. It stands today at 1.30%. The reason why it will rise is because there's a 10-14 day incubation period and then perhaps another week afterwards for mortality so death rates should continue to rise at about the same rate incidents went up 14 days ago for another couple of weeks then fall down again. All-in-all, this is about the best news we could hope for given the circumstances. Let's hope things continue to follow these projections.

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