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Our Wuhan-virus rocket continues upwards but, it's coasting, not accelerating which is again promising news. With a total of 118,234 incidents, it grew 18.89% from yesterday's 23.18%. That means since Mar 19's 51.64% peak rate of growth, it's rate of growth has decelerated by 32.74%! Of course, 18.89% of 99,447 is still a bigger number than 51.64% of 7,731 so the numbers will continue to remain large but the trend is definitely slowing. One thing that we have concerns about, however, is that the results from testing in California seem to be significantly delayed - by over a week now. So we could see a bump in these rates again once those results start coming back in volume.

More good news is that the rate of growth for deaths is also decreasing. There are a total of 1965 deaths for a 28.43% increase versus a 31.56% increase the prior day. This means the rate of growth for deaths has fallen 14.43% since Mar 19 which is expected since death rates will trail new incident rates.

My friend, Erich Schwarz , who actually gets paid to do DNA science, is starting to track NYC numbers in hopes of seeing some impact from the drug cocktail tests being performed there. The initial results are "it's too early to tell" but I'll be watching his wall closely over the coming week to see how things are going there since early 25% of all deaths are accounted for in NYC alone. You can check out his initial report here: Erich Schwarz Facebook Post for NYC

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