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THE FLATTENING - as anticipated, the drop is leveling off a bit after yesterday's big drop. Another few days will either resume the decline trend or start bouncing up & down as other areas' curves start influencing national figures. We did complete 155,048 new tests yesterday which seems to be our new capacity. Hopefully that will kick in higher soon and states will start adding randomized tests to those for people who are symptomatic.

Given a total of 1,934,387 total tests completed in America, our new total for incidents is 361.331 (+29,023), up slightly to an increase of 8.72% over the previous day (up 0.05% from yesterday). Deaths have totaled 10,680 (+1,182) which is an increase of 12.44% (-1.80% rate of growth) over the previous day. Since the peak in Mar 19, rates of growth for incidents has fallen by 42.90% and for deaths has fallen by 30.41%.

*If* rate of growth of deaths continues to decline (it's possible) then we will get under 10% rog in the next two or three days. Let's hope we get that one. If both of these rates of growth can continue to drop by 1.5% on average daily than it's possible our death toll may not reach 30,000. Gonna be tough to hit that but it is in the range of possibilities. As it stands, we'll likely hit 20,000 this week.

Let's keep watching and keep doing the responsible thing to avoid contamination. Please push your representatives and the President to kick off random testing in your states. Thanks.

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