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WEEKEND DATA IS WEAK DATA. Exactly, again, as predicted, everything is down lower and is expected to continue to decline until possibly Monday but most likely Tuesday. I'm just reporting stats for completeness sake but expect by Tuesday that these numbers will all be corrected upwards and the trend won't be identifiable until Thursday. We did get a significant increase in tests - not sure why - but let's hope that it means new capacity is coming online.

As we completely predicted (I use the word projected when the data can be trusted - it no longer can), both rates of growth (rog) for new incidents and deaths are lower and will continue to drop until Tuesday. (yawn) Given a total of 168,748 tests completed in America, our new total for incidents is 749,203 (+27,021 ), down to an increase of 3.74% over the previous day (-0.24% from yesterday). Deaths have totaled 35,793 (+1,654) which is an increase of 4.84% (-0.64%) over the previous day. Since the peak in Mar 19, rates of growth for incidents has fallen by 47.89% and for deaths has fallen by 38.01%.

Until tomorrow...

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