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"TRUE UP" YOUR DEAD PENNSYLVANIA, OHIO, MASSACHUSETTS & INDIANA. For the first time since early March when Washington State was hit hard, has a state other than New York or New Jersey registered the largest number of daily deaths? Well not so fast. Pennsylvania reported 479 deaths, Ohio 138, Massachusetts 252, Indiana 164, New York 377, and New Jersey 328. All these other states (except MA) had been reporting under 50 per day on average for the last couple of weeks.

Peter Walker's USA Deaths by State by Day States 'True Up' their death rates.

When asked, the states report that these are catch up numbers that go back to March that were "missed" - but there's no clear definition of missed. Does it mean these are cases where the cause of morbidity was confirmed to be Wuhan-virus? Was the virus even tested at all? Are they just assumed cases? Sadly that information doesn't seem to be forthcoming. What is known is that government payments for hospitals and governments are significantly higher if the cause of death is attributed to the Wuhan-virus and the CDC opened their reporting "standards" to be quite subjective in assignment. HOWEVER, the CDC still maintains a fairly strict standard for "coding" the death as a proper virus death - but states aren't separating the proper coded deaths from the assumed ones in their reporting. Given the ENTIRE PURPOSE of collecting and reporting this data is to provide the public and government officials the required information to inform good policy - it seems to be that these actions are gross negligence on the part of the CDC, state governments, and the hospital administrators themselves. We would have been MUCH better off if a private standards group existed to certify such things. Yet another thing we should take off the government's plate.

Our new total for incidents is 1,033,157 (+27,565), an increase of 2.74% over the previous day (+0.25% from yesterday). Deaths have totaled 55,225 (+2,700 - first new record in a while but needs about 4 asterisks cause it's not real) which is an increase of %5.14. (+0.77%) over the previous day. Since the peak in Mar 19, rates of growth for incidents has fallen by 48.90% and for deaths has fallen by 37.72%. Hopefully tomorrow everyone will have completed their "truing up" and we'll get numbers that resemble reality. Or maybe the other states will just decide they better cash in at the money trough while they still have a chance before this crisis opportunity goes away in May.

Here are some details about Pennslyvania's issues. Apparently 65% of their deaths are from nursing homes and they've been doing their best to keep stats of Wuhan-virus secret giving their loved ones no idea how at-risk the residents are. Going to be a lot of lawsuits from this gross negligence.

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