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NUMBERS DOWN EVER SO SLIGHTLY. WHEN WILL THE FEVER BREAK? BTW - YOUR GOVERNMENT IS MURDERING YOUR FAMILY. State reporters are struggling to keep those numbers up as the clock to "Cash in on Covid" starts to run out. We'll see how long it can be sustained but hitting a 2% death rate of growth (rog) moving average by May 8th is looking unlikely.

Our new total for incidents is 1,217,771 (+22,166), an increase of 1.85% over the previous day (-0.05% from yesterday). Deaths have totaled 67,256 (+1,949) which is an increase of 2.47% (-1.00%) over the previous day. Since the peak in Mar 19, rates of growth for incidents has fallen by 49.78% and for deaths has fallen by 39.87%. There were 215,552 tests completed with a 10.28% positive rate. Lower actual tests and higher positive rates implies real rates are higher than our capacity for testing still. Why we aren't at 400k-500k tests per day by now is truly inexcusable. This has been a failure AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT.

But, of course, government failures resulting in deaths of citizens is par for the course. The numbers for some of the clear 2nd & 3rd order effects of our irresponsible policies are finally starting to show up. Doubtful we'll have anything approaching a complete accounting until a year has passed this pandemic but the tens of thousands of medical procedures that have been postponed in Ontario have resulted in approximately 35 deaths due ONLY to delays in cardiac surgeries alone.

The reaction of Health Minister Christine Elliott, who is responsible for these decisions? Pass the buck! Elliott has stressed that decisions to delay treatments "were made by medical personnel.” They “were made by teams of doctors and other medical professionals as per pandemic plans written years ago.” She was "just doing her job" folks. Following a plan written YEARS AGO and completely refusing to consider altering it based on facts and data that she had TODAY. Those deaths are on her! She murdered those people every bit as much as if she stuck a blade in their hearts - never doubt it for a moment. What she said is an absolute confession of her guilt and malpractice.

Unnecessary deaths for other delays has yet to be accounted for. These people had no choice in their health care being part of the socialized medicine plan of Canada. And remember, these are people that would have been scheduled for surgeries. The number of people who die on the waiting list in Canada because of a permanently overwhelmed health care system is staggering. Naturally, EVERY SINGLE PERSON making these decisions has kept their paychecks secure and do not suffer the consequences of the failures of their policies. They have every incentive to keep people dependent on them. This is a clear moral hazard.

I pray these people will be held responsible. The public has shown faith in their government representatives and did the hard thing for coming on two months now. But they have been abused for that faith and betrayed. Americans will not stand for it much longer.

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