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Original projections at:

As of Mar 18th America has 7731 total incidents of corono-virus and 112 deaths. This is a reduction in the rate of growth (Read more)


I'll be making a new post in a few days with new projections as day by day numbers don't make for good trend reporting but they are useful in terms of details. You can see my original post here: FACEBOOK POST (Read more)
Analysis of number of Incidents & Deaths

Have been doing projections across several data sources. Frankly, the reported cases are extremely varied over different sites. They do seem to be showing relatively similar rates of growth in incidents - which is the most important indicator as to whether or not this virus is whipped. I'm focusing (Read more)
A Tale of Two Pandemics - One Real, Another of Panic.

Here are two interviews of two experts in epidemiology (which is basically applying math and statistics to identify sources of pathogen outbreaks and predict their behavior). The first, Dr. Michael Levitt, being interviewed on the American streaming version of the China Global Television Network - (Read more)
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