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HOT SPOTS COLDER. DEATHS OVERSTATED. BCG SAVES LIVES. Today we had some of the lowest results ever in terms of deaths and rates of death. Actually an all time record low for death rog - 1.01%! And New York? As you can see here it's on a decidedly pronounced downward trend. Fortunately there is, as of yet, no evidence of any other place that is even coming close to replacing it.

NY State Stats NY State stats all moving the right direction.

Meanwhile, we can have high confidence that even these deaths are being overstated. As I've reported before, it's been extremely clear that hospital adminstrations and state governments have been declaring anything that doesn't move as a Wuhan-virus mortality. This chart from Ethical Skeptic makes it clear that a very significant percentage, can't even point to Wuhan cases as their sources.

How Stats Show Us Deaths Are Overstated How Stats Show Us Deaths Are Overstated

Finally, I had this discussion on Twitter:

No Wuhan-virus? You probably have a strong BCG Vaccination Program No Wuhan-virus? You probably have a strong BCG Vaccination Program

EVERY SINGLE TIME someone mentions how wonderful some country is doing (and inevitably tries to attribute it to how quickly they locked down or some other unsupportable assertion), I ask if they have a long term BCG vaccination program going on there. Answers thus far, 100% yes!

I have a lot more to say about this another time. Right now it's waaaay past my bedtime.

Effective May 17th, the new total for incidents is 1,479,856 (+21,069), an increase of 1.744% over the previous day (-0.31% from yesterday). Deaths have totaled 83,854 (+839) which is an increase of 1.01% (-0.56%) over the previous day. Since the peak in Mar 19, rates of growth for incidents has fallen by 50.19% and for deaths has fallen by 41.85%. There were 421,685 tests completed with a 5.00% positive rate.

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